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Master of Today – World of Art, – London

Charles Carson
Lives and works in Laurentides, Quebec, Canada

Charles Carson concentrates on the essentials of structure, the purity of forms, the transparency and vividness of colors. He paints with complete assurance and focuses on different studies involving color and aesthetics. The work Charles Carson is doing can be clearly distinguished from that of a Riopelle as it takes us to the border lying between the abstract and the figurative (…) In so doing we are able to avoid the old quarrel that has so often arisen between them; indeed it might be said that, with Carson, reconciliation takes place. Carson, slicing like a blade to the core of the matter, launches himself onto each blank canvas via the rapid and nervous dance of his hand, using layered touches nearly always on the diagonal or in wide ellipses.

Master of Today – World of Art, – London

From this way of doing things, à la Carson, ‘’comes an impression of such freshness, such dynamism, and what rhythm (…)!’’ that a new – ism, is of necessity required by art experts. Hence Carsonism!
It’s not that Carson is trying to impose a new pictorial language on anyone!

It’s more because he is so unclassifiable to begin with, so unique is his form of writing. (He) gives each painting an extraordinary depth that is much more fascinating than the most masterful system of perspective. The impression of freshness and energy we find in Carson’s paintings comes in part from the brightness and purity of the colours, harmonized in a rhythmic and airy juxtaposition by patches of white. The placement of broad strokes (…) seems to be raised up by some mysterious breath, discreet yet efficacious, animating the whole composition.
Guy Robert, founder, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Montreal

I have been maintaining since 1992 that Charles Carson has developed a truly novel way of interpreting Nature and its creatures in a style that conforms to the principles of aesthetics in terms of the subjects of his compositions and his chromatic resonance.
Louis Bruens, art historian, editor and critic.

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