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The West Island – NEWSPAPER SUBERBAN – Vol.15 NO.41 NOVEMBER 20, 2002

The West Island


Vol.15 NO.41 NOVEMBER 20, 2002

By : Bernard Mendelman

« Carsonism » – C’est le dernier cri at Galerie Richelieu

Born in Montreal in 1957, Charles Carson first discovered his passion for painting in 1970. He calls his personal style « Carsonism,» and his solo show at Galerie Richelieu is a treat for the eyes. His love for nature and his respect for the environnement are beautifully interpreted through imaginative canvases, full of vidid vibrant colours. At first glance, the work appears, totally abstrat, and yes, there are a series of mosaic images that are intricate abstracts but it is the others that blow you away, as you examine everything else that is going on inside his multidimensional paintings.
Usually behing a hazy fog like appearance, we discover luscious landscapes. In some of the canvases, we come upon tantalizing fruits, in others, we are confronted with wonderful underwater marine life, and then in another group, we find ourselves among majestic, feathery birds and wise old owls. Each painting gives full reign to his imaginative process

Fond marin 54 x 117 po

In his extensive travels, Carson has studied the art of the great masters. There are influences of van Gogh, Cézanne and Turner, but Carsonism has its own distinct interpretation. Prices start as low as $950. and reach up to $ 85,000.00 u.s for his largest acrylic – the amazing Réflexions marines.

The gallery, located at 7903 St. Denis, is a bit off the beaten track, but this pulsating show merits a trip. The exhibition is on until the end of December. Carson will be on hand every Sundy from 2 to 4 p.m. explaining his painting philosophy.